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North Atlantic Championships
Congratulations to the following Glissad Academy skaters!
  1. 1.Michelle Wiggett – Senior Ladies, Final Round, 9th place
  2. 2.Michelle McBride – Novice Ladies Final Round 10th place
  3. 3.Steven Quo – Novice Men 2nd place
  4. 4.Jeremy Steeger – Novice Men 8th place
  5. 5. Jaclyn Famiglietti – Intermediate Ladies Qualifiying Round 8th place
  6. 6.Andrew Reiss – Intermediate Men 6th place
  7. 7.Lindsay Skokan – Juvenile Girls Qualifying Round 14th place
  8. 8.Christina Zujkowski – Juvenile Girls Qualifying 10th place
  9. 9.Margaret Beltran – Juvenile Girls Qualifying 14th place
  10. 10.Savanna Dasgupta – Juvenile Girls Qualifying 13th place
  11. 11. Emily Macarthur – Open Juvenile Girls 1st place.
  12. 12.Adrianna De Sanctis – Silver Medalist, Senior Ladies Qualifying round.
  13. 13.13. Schiochee Liang, Silver Medalist, Juvenile Men’s Final.
  14. 14.Lawrence Lung, Bronze Medalist, Juvenile Men’s Final
  15. 15.Elise Eng, Seventh Place, Juvenile Girls.

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Ivivva--Ashlyn Spiral, Ice in Paradise