About Us

Board  (Click names to email)
President: Brooke Gray
C0-Vice President: Lisa Vinch
Co-Vice President: Bonnie Rendina
Secretary: Rosemary Slick
Membership: Allyson Goldberg
Treasurer: Annette McBride
Shows & Competitions:
Fund Raising: Colleen Robinson
NJ Council Delegate: Val Seefelt
Testing: Diane Borusiewicz
Test Chair: Joanne Mooney
Web Master: Mark Fitzgerald
  1. Membership Benefits
  2. Participation in USFS sanctioned competitions
  3. Participation in USFS sanctioned exhibitions and shows.
  4. Subscription to the USFS ‘Skating’ magazine.
  5. Entitlement to the Glissad Academy Scholarship.
  6. Regional Entrance Fee Reimbursement
  7. Entrance Fee Discount with counpon from best medical thermometer for kids
The Glissad Academy will provide an atmosphere where skaters of all abilities can reach their individual skating goals.
We value a spirit in which each skater is challenged, be it a recreational, basic skills, competitive, or test skater.
The general policies and guidelines of the U.S. Figure Skating Association (USFS) will be supported and carried out by our academy. We will strive to cultivate a bond among the members brought together by a lifelong love of skating.